01 June 2015

there's a new most wanted card in town

for a long time, perhaps for as long as i have had the nefarious 9 (my most wanted cards) listed on the sidebar of this blog, the card at the top of the list was a 2007 upper deck sweet spot classic steve garvey/reggie smith dual signatures card.

now i have one.
this is a gold stitch version which is numbered to 15.  and, it's 08/15 which means it's an ebay 1/1, since that's reggie smith's jersey number.  good thing there don't seem to be any reggie smith supercollectors. i am joking about the ebay 1/1 nonsense, but i am happy about the lack of competition for this card as i picked it up for less than i had anticipated.  the signatures are bleeding, but at least they are not completely faded like some cards from this set.

i suppose i still am on the lookout for the regular version of the card, but i've removed it from the most wanted list. that means that anyone who finds a 2008 donruss threads steve garvey /250 parallel will be rewarded!


Brian said...

Congratulations! It always feels great to find those elusive ones.

Matthew Scott said...

Congrats on getting a long sought after card. That is a great feeling.

Mark Hoyle said...

Congrats. Great card. I collect Reggie but am far from a super collector.