29 May 2015

when a dodger card isn't fully a dodger card

sometimes, team collectors can miss out on cards that they may otherwise choose to add to their collection.  for example, this 1992 topps kids eddie murray card
shows him as a dodger, but then again - he is 'now with the mets!'.  is it a dodger card or a met card?  i consider it to be a non-dodger dodger card. so there.

here are some others that fit that bill (and fit into my collection as a result):

1993 donruss rudy seanez
a dodger up until the expansion draft

2000 pacific crown collection raul mondesi
pacific almost fooled me, using a photo of rauuuuuuul in the blue dodger alt jersey

2000 skybox dominion raul mondesi
obviously a dodger in all but team name on the card

2004 upper deck first pitch brian jordan
a while back i took a good look at the flagship version of this card. then i came across the first pitch version

and then there is this 2014 topps stickers joe mauer sticker
mauer is wearing the saint paul saints throwback in a game against the brewers in 2013 (i was at that game, by the way).  the saints uniform he is wearing comes from the time when they were a dodger affiliate.  in fact, there are some pictures hanging in one of the target field restaurants recognizing both the saints and the minneapolis millers (a giants' affiliate) as part of the twin cities' baseball fabric.  the photo for the saints features roy campanella rounding third being congratulated by walt alston.  pretty cool.  the millers photo features some guy named willie mays.  anyway, the mauer sticker is not a dodger card, but a cool item that i pulled from a pack and sent off to 2x3 heroes - i think.

if i haven't, i will - i've got quite a few packages ready to be sent out to folks, including baseball cards come to life, night owl, off hiatus, too many verlanders, bob walk the plank, and probably a couple of others.  you can always check my trade tracker on the right to see if i am aware that i owe you cards - let me know if i do and you don't see your name!


Brian said...

oh - I hadn't noticed those Saints / Millers tributes before - are they in Hrbek's or in the big restaurant on the second level (I think it's part of the "champion's club") ?

That's pretty cool stuff. Ted Williams was a Minneapolis Miller briefly as well!

gcrl said...

the photos are in the metropolitan club - down the right field side, club level. i only saw them on a stadium tour.

Nick said...

I always enjoy hearing what team collectors think of cards like these. The "Non-Dodger Dodger card" is an excellent description.