28 May 2015

a quick trip to tatooine

with the trade of juan uribe to the braves, i would expect alex guerrero to eventually settle in at third base. at least until hector olivera is ready.  however, most of guerrero's playing time of late has been in the outfield, since both yasiel puig and carl crawford are injured.

last year, topps included guerrero in many of its sets, and listed him as a second baseman.  that made sense then, but he has yet to play at second in the major leagues.  here are three of those cards, with guerrero turning two to boot.

2014 topps walmart blue
2014 topps chrome purple refractor
and 2014 topps mini pink parallel
notice that the cards show guerrero throwing to first without a lick of grass in sight.  that's what makes a tatooine card a tatooine card.

here are some others from my mini collection

1994 donruss bobby bonilla
1995 upper deck luis lopez electric diamond parallel
1996 upper deck brady anderson vj lovero showcase insert
2000 topps stadium club bobby abreu
2001 fleer tradition corey koskie
2011 topps carlos beltran
and 2012 topps emilio bonifacio
i am guessing that there is all kinds of mischief one can get into at mos eisley spaceport, so the vegas code probably stands - what happens on tatooine stays on tatooine.  unless you're luke skywalker bragging about taking out womprats to a group of rebel pilots.

1 comment:

Brian said...

I was kind of hoping you didn't have that Bonifacio card, I have been setting aside Tatooine cards, and found about 5 copies of that one... oh well.

It's a pretty cool mini-collection.