18 May 2015

card show stuff

it's been over a month since wallet card and i went to the semi-annual regional card show, and i still haven't shown off the other cards i bought and scanned.  like this 1951 bowman don newcombe card
it's nice that the 'bull pen' is labeled and that curious george's man in yellow is watching newk warm up from the stands.

i picked up a card for my 1965 topps set, and it features three hall of famers
say hey! the giants must have had a pretty good team in 1964 with all that power (plus juan marichal and gaylord perry on the mound).  well, they won 90 games but were 4th in the national league, 3 games back of the pennant winning cardinals.  the dodgers were two games under .500, but bounced back pretty well in '65.

i also grabbed a card for my 1957 topps set for a buck - don mossi
i won't mention the ears.

from the dime binder, a 1982 topps sticker of pedro guerrero
showing his co-mvp form in the 1981 world series

the rest of the stuff comes from the dime boxes, and they were brimming with junk wax. i took some new to me double plays, like this 1993 donruss spike owen
1993 leaf ricky gutierrez
1994 leaf jose lind
1995 leaf carlos baerga
and 2001 fleer tradition marlon anderson
a little something for pretty much every facet of my collection!


Tony L. said...

That Newk is awesome. I guess the artist wanted the painting to look like a real game, but then mailed it in after drawing just one fan.

And if the man in yellow is there, where's Curious George?

JediJeff said...

I thought that was Pharrell.


Nick said...

That '51 Newcombe is definitely a beauty.

Fuji said...

any post with a mossi... is a fine post indeed.