04 May 2015

the garvey train moves onward

i've posted all of the pages from my steve garvey oddball binder, as well as all of the pages of cards from his playing days.  as i begin to show off the sheets that contain his post-active career cards, i'll take a moment to display some of my most recent garvey acquisitions.

the garv is featured in the 2015 panini donruss signature series insert set, and i have obtained only the blue variation
it's numbered to 49.

i've also snagged a few msa discs that will find their way to the aforementioned oddball binder shortly.  here's the 1976 crane disc
which i like because they replaced the generic stars on the front with the 'crane' name.  here's the back
that looks like the vlasic pickle mascot.

this is a 1976 msa blank back disc
told ya.

and this is a 1977 dairy isle disc. the front looks like the blank back (except for the copyright date)
but the back looks like this
i do not know what sort of creature that is supposed to be under the 'dairy'.

i was surprised to find out that i didn't have this 1981 topps sticker
so i'm glad i dropped ten cents for it at the card show i attended recently.  i do have the o-pee-chee version, so you can understand my confusion.  perhaps.

here are a couple of cards from 2011 in the game heroes and prospects.  the first is a dual relic card of garvey and trayvon robinson
robinson was hitting well in triple-a in 2011 after batting. 300 the previous two seasons when the dodgers traded him to seattle.  after playing for the m's in 2011 and 2012, robinson was dealt to the orioles where he played in their system for a year.  he then spent last year at triple-a for the dodgers, but is now in the diamondbacks system after a quick spin with the padres this winter.  whew.

this is a solo card of the garv, featuring a large jersey swatch and an auto
it has a supposed print run of 9 (it's a silver parallel apparently), but there is no serial numbering on the card.  hey - card companies!  for print runs that low, please stamp the cards. thank you.

the last card in this post is stamped, although it's a 2014 topps 75th anniversary buyback of garvey's double printed 1979 topps card
the only other 2014 buyback i have is of garvey's 1975 topps 1974 nl mvp card which he shares with jeff burroughs, so i'm glad to have a solo card.  still, this is the same one topps stamped as part of the 2015 topps originals inserts
which i also have in my collection.  how about some variety?  in fact, topps, i've got some cards i'd be happy to sell you.  just let me know.

lots more garvey goodness to come - stay tuned!


P-town Tom said...

I know the Donruss Signature Series card of Garvey has no logos and the auto is a sticker, but that is still one really nice looking card.

Fuji said...

Love those 70's MSA (or whatever they're called) Discs... even if I'm not a fan of logo-less cards. I think the fact that their almost 40 years old gives them a free pass.