20 May 2015

age of ultra

no superheroes here, just humble baseball players on some fleer ultra cards.

here's a 1999 fleer ultra chan ho park
the latter years of ultra feature some nice photography, as evidenced by jeff shaw's card
which features dodger stadium and the three sisters in the background.

a less scenic part of dodger stadium is in the background of antonio osuna's card
but we get charles johnson (i believe) in the foreground

mark grudzielanek is on the road on his card
but ismael valdes is back at home on his
in addition to lots of dodgers and dodger stadium cards, ultra has contributed many double plays to my collection. here are a few that i haven't shown before

2001 fleer ultra edgar renteria
i hope renteria was successful in his giant twin killing

speaking of giants, here's a 2002 fleer ultra rich aurilia card
jeff kent can only stand and watch

2004 fleer ultra orlando cabrera
nice to see the expos now and again

2004 fleer ultra marcus giles
most of the marcus giles dp cards i have seem to show him horizontal.  must not have been much of a jumper.  like placido polanco
or michael young
this is a 2004 fleer ultra update card of giant prospect brian dallimore
who is being taken out by juan pierre.  hopefully dallimore got some lessons in sliding runner evasion from double play professional ray durham, seen here on a 2005 fleer ultra card
it's too bad that fleer went under - we could use more ultra these days.

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