12 May 2015

a new type collection?

i am not completely sure that i am going to add another mini collection, but i do know that i enjoy most cards that show players' names and numbers on their back.  it's fairly subjective - not as cut and dried as say, my dodger stadium in the background collection - as i don't like every card that features a players name/number on the back.  anyway, here are some cards that would definitely make the cut in my 'nob' collection. if i were to officially add it, that is.  

1999 topps gallery vladimir guerrero
1994 topps stadium club rickey henderson rainbow foil parallel
1998 topps paul molitor
1995 topps stadium club sandy alomar jr best seat in the house insert
2009 upper deck derek jeter
2011 topps marquee stan musial
so, the bulk of the cards would be like those above - action shots, and usually at the plate.  sometimes there are non-action shots that fit the bill as well.

1999 upper deck karim garcia
2012 topps kyle blanks
there are also those cards that meet the letter of the law regarding the collection, but just don't resonate with me for some reason.  here are two examples

2010 topps alex rios
2011 topps update jered weaver
luckily, that rios card fits in my tatooine mini collection, and i may make a spot for the weaver in my lurker collection, thanks to former dodger alfredo griffin hanging out in the background.

i think what i like about these cards is that they use images that are similar to what i see as a fan when i go to a game.  watching on tv, we get different camera angles that focus on the action from the front.  or, perhaps they are just cards featuring good action (for the most part) photography.


Bo said...

Still working on a box of cards for you - may throw a few of these in if I find them

Fuji said...

This is an awesome idea for a PC... should you decide to pursue it. If I didn't already have a bazillion different collections, I might just steal this idea.

Nick said...

I like this idea. One of my favorites off the top of my head would be Gary Sheffield's 2008 Stadium Club card.