22 October 2011

twin killings in black and white

just a few more double play cards to show off before we get to the poll.  these 6 come from the 1994 upper deck all-time heroes set, a nice black and white set with some pretty sweet photos.  here's gene alley of the pirates avoiding tim mccarver.  i wish i were so lucky.
that's a nice one, but not as cool as ray boone's card
aaron boone's grandpa is in for a rough landing.

here's bert campaneris
in what must be an all-star game, or maybe a spring training matchup as he soars over an anonymous cub.  we all know this didn't come from a world series.
speaking of world series, here is series mainstay jerry coleman
coleman played 9 years in the major leagues, and appeared in the world series in 6 of those seasons.  such is the life of a new york yankee in the 1950's.
alongside coleman was bobby richardson
i love the disembodied ankle and foot, by the way.  richardson's career overlapped with coleman's, and he wound up playing in 7 world series during his 12-year career.  he had an incredible 12 rbi in the 1960 series against the pirates.  thank you, bill mazeroski, by the way.
finally, in one of the more dramatic double play cards i have seen, we have the pirates' rennie stennett
it looks like stennett is kicking the helmet off of the unfortunate braves baserunner.  very nice.

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