19 October 2011

just a fool to believe

i saw this 1972 topps leo cardenas in action card at a show a while back.
even though he was obviously airbrushed into angels garb, it was the scoreboard behind him that caught my attention.  so much so that i ignored the seats behind the scoreboard and quickly assumed that this was a card featuring dodger stadium.  didn't cardenas play for the giants in the early 1970's, i asked myself.  of course, was my answer - the giants had a bunch of players who stunk.

i was an ignorant fool.  never mind that cardenas was an all-star in 1971, i should have figured out that he was a twin at the time since this card was mixed in with some steve brauns, jim perrys and jim nettles cards at a twin cities card show.  it turns out, cardenas hadn't played in the national league since 1968 when he was with the reds, and spent 1969 through 1971 in minny.  so, that means that the scoreboard behind the shortstop is from the original yankee stadium.  bleccch.

anyone need card number 562 from the 1972 set?


night owl said...

*equally horrified Dodger fan sheepishly raises his hand*

Tony said...

Night Owl can have it...