25 October 2011

are you hough (huff?) enough?

it's no secret that i am a big fan of the dodgers' teams of the late 1970's.  even so, i am bored by charlie hough's cards from that time frame.  still, i asked him to sign a few for me.  he obliged.  here's his 1976 topps card:
not too different from his 1978 topps card
or his 1979 card
which just happens to use a photo from 1976.  thanks sleeve patch.
thankfully, his 1980 topps card gives us a different angle on the knuckleballer.  1980 was the year that the dodgers allowed the rangers to purchase hough's contract and away he went.

he had better luck with his cards in texas.  take his 1984 fleer card, for example
and his 1987 topps card
around this time, the dodgers picked up a hough of a different sort.  a huff, to be exact.  mike huff.  huff played in only 12 games with the dodgers, all in 1989.  he had 5 hits in 30 at bats, including his first major league home run.  he also had a bevy of cards made.  here's his 1990 score card
his 1990 topps debut '89 card
and his 1991 fleer card.
the fleer card is especially interesting to me since he did not appear in the majors in 1990.  after the 1990 season, he was claimed by the indians in the rule v draft.  fleer was either behind or too far ahead with their set in 1991.  blinded by the yellow, i imagine.
meanwhile, hough was on his way to florida to become the first starter ever for the marlins.  here are a couple of teal cards he signed for me - a 1993 pinnacle card
david neid is on the other side.  who? exactly.  hough also signed his 1993 upper deck card
that's a lot of teal

and his 1993 topps card
and........we've come full circle back to boring.

thanks hough and huff!

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night owl said...

As a kid, I loved the '76 Hough card. The palm trees in the background and Hough was from Hawaii! It all fit! I thought he was posing in Hawaii, but of course he wasn't.