26 October 2011

al west trades

so, i was curious how many times the dodgers have traded with their american league counterparts in the al west.  it was no surprise that the team the dodgers have dealt with the most is the a's - the team that has been around the longest.

the dodgers and angels have made 7 deals, most recently reggie williams (the second one) to the halos for mike james in october of 1993.  there was the big frank robinson trade in 1972, the jim brewer deal in 1975, and a couple of other deals in the 60's, but the last one prior to the 1993 trade was in 1976 when ellie rodriguez came to the dodgers in exchange for orlando alvarez.  you remember ellie, right?  he got a dodger card in the 1977 topps set, and was nice enough to sign a copy for me
but i almost prefer his "fantastically 1973 topps" 1973 topps card
three brewers and an umpire's ass.  nice work, topps.
as i mentioned, the dodgers and a's have made a bunch of trades, 13 to be exact.  the most recent one was when andre ethier was obtained for milton bradley and antonio perez.  you probably remember the big 1987 deal that involved the mets, where bob welch went to oakland and jay howell, jesse orosco and alfredo griffin joined the dodgers.  well, a couple months before that, the dodgers sent rick honeycutt to oakland for tim belcher.  another one i remember quite clearly is bill north to the blue for glenn burke in may of 1978.

the mariners came into existence in 1977.  since then, they have made 7 trades with the dodgers. the most recent, of course, is the three team deal that sent trayvon robinson to the mariners at this year's trade deadline.  although the dodgers lost 3 players (jose baez, kevin pasley, and john hale) to the mariners by way of waivers or purchased contracts in 1977, the first trade between the two teams came in 1985 when steve yeager was dealt to the m's for ed vande berg. 

and then there are the rangers.  they began as the senators in 1961, and in total there have been 7 trades between the franchises. dave stewart for rick honeycutt in 1983 is pretty memorable, but the biggest trade between the two franchises was the 1964 deal that brought claude osteen and john kennedy to la at the expense of frank howard, ken mcmullen, pete richert, phil ortega and dick nen.  however, it's been 21 years since the dodgers last dealt with texas.  in 1990, they sent jim poole to the rangers for a couple of minor leaguers. 

poole appeared in just 16 games for the dodgers, all in 1990.  as such, he had a ridiculous number of cards made in 1991.  lucky for me, he signed a bunch of 'em.  here's a 1991 classic
with dodger stadium as a background

same goes for 1991 donruss
1991 fleer
and 1991 score
not sure where he was for the photo on his 1991 topps debut '90 card
poole was already through texas on his way to baltimore by the time some of these cards were released, i am pretty sure. 


Reivax said...

I am surprised Ellie Rodriguez would sign that '73 card - considering he isn't even in the picture.
That '77 is one of the last of that set that I need. Sure I could go get it, probably online for a quarter or something, but it's just more fun knowing you need a couple more to finish off a set.

gcrl said...

I never considered that it wasn't rodriguez on that 73 card.