18 October 2011

topps serves up some variations again - a side by side comparison of the 2011 topps dodgers

now that 2011 topps update is out, i can finally put this post to bed.  here's a comparison of the dodger cards made by topps and included in the blister team set and their flagship series 1, 2 and update counterparts.  the topps dodger set cards are on the right.

andre ethier
topps isn't messing around.  the topps logo is in the same spot, unlike some cards from previous years.  these card fronts are exactly the same.

chad billingsley

clayton kershaw
ditto again

this is getting boring.  here's rafael furcal
very very nice card, but still the same. 

matt kemp
ditto ditto.

hiroki kuroda
finally!  topps eschewed the photo of kuroda with his eyes closed and went for one with his cheeks full of  mashed potatoes.  po-ta-toes!

ted lilly
back to the same ol' grind

rod barajas
even seeing a lurking clayton kershaw twice isn't enough to make me happy for a lack of variation, especially with the dearth of rod barajas dodger cards

vicente padilla
just one variation so far.  so sad.

jay gibbons
hey hey!  mr. mitchell report got a card in the team set, but was off the roster by the time series 2 rolled around.  good that his short time as a dodger was documented, though.

here's double dipper jon garland
same deal as gibbons, except garland got a heritage card. i would guess that garland would have been in series 2 had he not been injured.

james loney
so much for variations.

hong-chih kuo
hong-chih status quo

casey blake
another nice card.  twice as nice?  not really.

juan uribe
uribe's flagship card is from the update set.  i would guess that we will see a few cards next year with the baby blues.  i like the variations going on here - a different position and the fact that topps guessed (wrongly) at the number uribe would wear when they airbrushed his team set card.  he wore 9 for the short time he was actually on the field.

jonathan broxton
two variations in a row!  i think the team set broxton is similar (if not the same) to his chrome card.  i don't have any 2011 topps chrome so i don't know for sure.

finally, we have dodger stadium
there is no equivalent in series 1, 2 or update.  i really like this card.  i'll write more about it in a future post.  so there you have it.  17 cards, 3 photo variations and 3 checklist variations.  topps can do better.


The Lost Collector said...

I got that Uribe the other day and I thought it was a Royals card at first.

night owl said...

Crap, I missed Uribe on the Update checklist. There's another one I need. Also, Garland has a Dodger card in the Update set.

gcrl said...

@tlc - I wish uribe were on the royals!

@no - looks my checklist skills are lacking as well. Thanks for noticing!

gcrl said...

Greg - I double checked and am pretty sure garland got axed from the update set. Early checklists had himat number 259 but now that is andre ethier. There is a garland silk insert though. Have you seen a base garland?

John Bateman said...

Furcal's card is cropped ever so slightly different - look at the feet

John Bateman said...

Furcal's card is cropped ever so slightly different - look at the feet