16 October 2011

the sarge is in charge

here's a nice card featuring dodger stadium along with an early appearance by a lurking mike scioscia.  it's gary matthews' 1981 fleer card
fleer was great.  while topps (based in new york) preferred shea and yankee stadiums, fleer took a lot of photos in dodger stadium, especially for their 1982 and 1984 sets.  with this matthews card, we get a good glimpse of the camera well and a little bit of those field level seats that really were at field level behind home plate.

i remember matthews more vividly from his time in philadelphia, probably because he destroyed the dodgers in the last two games of the 1983 nlcs as a member of the phillies.  in that series, he hit .429 with an incredible 1.571 ops.  i believe that matthews himself identifies more as a phillie, since that is where i sent his 1978 topps card to be signed.
thanks sarge!

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