29 October 2011

oh my omar! a double play career retrospective

omar vizquel has played more games defensively as a shortstop than anyone else in the history of the game.  and, as a result, he has been involved in 1778 career double plays, although not all of those have come while oh my omar was playing short.

the last couple of seasons, vizquel has been playing mostly third base which means we don't get to see any cool double play turns on baseball cards like we used to when he was playing up the middle.  here's his 1994 topps stadium club card
omar was in full 'operation double play' with derek bell sliding in.  this card should get a pretty high seed in the upcoming greatest double play card of all-time tournament.

and then there is his 2010 topps card
it's better than a run of the mill dp card, and makes me thirsty for some snapple at the same time.

here's to you oh my omar and your double play turns!

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