15 October 2011

more double plays for your consideration

someday soon (or not so soon), i will get to the 'greatest double play card of all-time' tournament/poll.  not today, though.  there are still a few more i need to gather.  in the meantime, here's some decent looking ones that might make it into the brackets.

1985 topps lou whitaker
and 1986 topps paul runge
these two are nice, but i prefer the runge.  we get the full image of the guy sliding in so it's a more complete double play turn.  plus the format of the '86 card is more conducive to this type of image.

2002 topps stadium club derek jeter
cal ripken jr is too slow to be able to break up the turn, but at least he made it into the photo

here's another card with a future hall-of-famer, and i'm not referring to luis rivas on his 2002 upper deck victory card
pujols' head being replaced by a twins logo is as close as we will get to seeing him in minny.

2003 fleer ultra jack wilson
i don't see how wilson will recover from his leap and land on his feet.  bad news for his tailbone, i guess.

here's marcus giles on his 2006 topps card
displaying his 'in the general area of second base' technique with matt lawton of the soul patrol sliding in.  i am sure giles' foot was on the bag when he caught the ball, right?

another 2006 topps card, this time juan uribe
look at that air!  there is no way the juan uribe that is currently on the dodgers can get elevated like that.

lastly, a 2006 topps opening day michael young si for kids insert
a double play turn is max action! huzzah!


Tony said...

My fav is the Topps Roberto Alomar turning two with his brother Sandy sliding in to second.

Tony said...

And the 93 Upper Deck card of Mickey Morandini is another good one. I believe it's Tony Fernandez pictured as well. I don't know if it was a double play, but judging by Mickey's reaction on the reverse photo, Tony was safe.

Tony said...

Sorry, I meant Mickey was called out.
Just looked at the card...oops 'scuse me