01 November 2008

oh, yeah, well, congrats

i suppose i should say something about the phillies winning the world series. i have been a fan of cole hamels for a couple of years, and i certainly can appreciate the talents of chase utley, ryan howard and jimmy rollins. i am happy for charlie manuel and the former dodgers, sad for jim thome, and think it's nice that jamie moyer was a part of it.

i felt sad when paul molitor retired - i believe he was the last of the 1978 topps players. ditto for mike morgan (1979) and rickey (1980). we're not far from the first 1990 born player, so the fact that jamie moyer is still playing keeps me feeling young. younger, anyway.

so congratulations to you jamie moyer, even if it's your 1988 donruss card showing you as a member of the cubs. you've got dodger stadium in the background and a championship under your belt.

and you are several years older than me.

ps - i meant to include this in my recent package to dinged corners, but i failed. next time, then.

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