06 November 2008

blogosphere participation – white sox cards

i sent a bunch of white sox cards to steve a while back, and he took a vengeance on my 2007 topps need list. he killed it, or at least mortally wounded it.

not just joe shlabotniks, but griffey, hamilton, and others. including these guys.

matt kemp. 'nuff said.

jason schmidt. that’s right jason. look over your shoulder. something is gaining on you, and it’s wielding a scalpel. or a fork.

milton bradley. the board game just filed for free agency. will anyone take a chance on a multi-year deal with him? i hope he can stay healthy and focused.

kansas city royals team card. i guess the team forgot to schedule a photo. too bad topps didn’t pull together a bunch of individual pics and create a team card a la the chicago cubs of old.
good times. thanks steve.

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White Sox Cards said...

Glad I could mortally wound your want list!