09 November 2008

blogosphere participation – night (owl) moves

you might think that trading with someone who collects the same team as you would be boring. just return the package originally sent and you're done. not so.

greg at night owl cards sent a great package in return for the dodgers and night cards i sent his way. here are a few of my favorites.

2007 upper deck masterpieces kirk gibson.
a 10/15/88 card i did not yet own. awesome.

2008 upper deck spectrum takashi saito.
i did not know this set even existed. shiny.

2008 topps heritage joe mauer.

joe owns the pink border. he is secure with his masculinity while raising awareness for breast cancer research. true story - during a game last season, the metrodome video screen had a still shot of mauer next to the text 'support prostate cancer'. a couple innings later, the message came up again, this time corrected to read 'support prostate cancer research'.
and some set fillin'.

2007 topps jason bay.
i have yet to get to pnc park, and i can't wait. it looks like a fantastic stadium. here it looks like jason is about to spit. i hope it's a sunflower seed shell.

2008 allen & ginter pablo picasso.
i was hoping for something a bit more abstract. both eyes on one side of his nose, perhaps.

there were a bunch more dodgers, twins, set needs, and some double play turns as well. thanks greg! get some sleep.

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night owl said...

OK, I'm awake now. ... I didn't know Upper Deck Spectrum existed until I got a Brad Penny card in a trade, and then I found some at card show. I rather like them. Glad the cards got there!