27 November 2008

perfection on cardboard - the suspense of andy vanslyke

i love cards that capture the action of a baseball game. double plays and plays at the plate are two good examples. here is another one of my favorite cards.

it's a 1992 topps stadium club andy vanslyke.
gene lamont, the third base coach has done all he can. tim wallach, the third baseman, can only wait for the ball, and andy vanslyke has committed himself to the headfirst slide.

can't you feel the anticipation? are you on the edge of your seat? was he safe?

well, on july 7, 1991, andy vanslyke tried for a triple in the bottom of the first inning against the expos. he was thrown out 9-4-5.
the outcome, though, does not detract from the perfection of the card.
happy thanksgiving!


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Andy Van Slyke rules!

Dinged Corners said...

Isn't there a card out there somewhere of that exact shot of andy with everything but him cropped out? Or maybe I'm dreamin'.