05 November 2008

another play at the plate for junior ortiz

in an earlier post, i noted the use of the same play on two cards from 1993 topps – junior ortiz waiting for the ball on his card and gary gaetti sliding into home on his card. now, there is recently uncovered evidence of another play at the plate from that same game, courtesy of 1993 topps. this time, it’s junior felix sliding into ortiz. a check of baseball reference shows that this all likely occurred in the 4th inning of the may 2, 1992 game at old cleveland stadium. felix singled, went to second on a hubie brooks groundout and scored on a single by gaetti. later in the inning, gaetti tried to score on a hit to center, but was thrown out 8-4-2.i’ll have to go through the rest of my 1993 topps angels and indians to see if there are any more cards using shots from this vantage point.

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--David said...

LOL, man, that is too cool! You have a great eye for this stuff!