05 November 2008

blogosphere participation – trade with thoughts of sox

adam at thoughts and sox contacted me and we set up a trade of dodgers/twins/08 a&g for some red sox. here is a small sampling of what i received, much to my delight!

2005 topps opening day steve finley. i had assumed that there was no 2005 topps finley in a dodger uniform, other than the gold glove subset. in the flagship set, his base card shows him with the angels. this is similar to the nomar phenomenon from 2006. at any rate, i will always remember finley’s grand slam to win the west in 2004.

2004 topps traded blake dewitt gold parallel. dewitt was a nice surprise earlier this season, filling in when nomar was hurt. not sure why torre stuck with him throughout the nlcs, though. i think he’ll get a shot to replace kent next season.
2004 bowman heritage ishii. this card is really thick, for no apparent reason. when i was a kid, there was a guy who lived on the other side of the block who collected cards when he was younger.. i remember trading him some 1979 giants for a couple of the 1955 bowman cards. they were dodgers, too. i tried to find them for this post but, just like keyser soze, they’re gone. and then some twinkies! 2008 upper deck x joe mauer.
and 2008 topps pat neshek. if you have never read pat neshek’s blog, please do so. it’s great during the season when he is with the team, so hopefully he is healthy next season.
i also got some help with my 2008 allen & ginter set, including this guy – bob motley. apparently he was an umpire in the negro leagues. looks like he could show enrico palazzo a thing or two. finally, david must have started something, because there was a feeling of ‘trick or treat’ in the box, as i found a few of these:
padres. one of them was a 2006 topps dave roberts. i can live with that.

thanks adam – your sox are on their way, maybe with a trick or two. enjoy.


night owl said...

You traded '79 Giants for '55 Bowman Dodgers? Good lord, you fleeced the guy!

AdamE said...

I didn't really mean to put the Dave Roberts in there. Actually didn't realize that I did it. I have commons sorted by team and Dodgers happen to be next to Padres. Sorry about that.

gcrl said...

the guy with the bowman was just humoring me - this was 1980 or so and he was an older guy who thought it was 'neat' that this kid wanted to trade with him.

but, he was a giants fan so i don't feel bad.

dayf said...

en-ri-co pa-la-zzo!
en-ri-co pa-la-zzo!
en-ri-co pa-la-zzo!