22 November 2008

the curious case of dick green and the double play

dick green played second base for the kansas city/oakland a's from 1963 through 1974. this means he was a member of three world championship teams - 1972, 1973, and 1974.
i would guess (he was before my time) that he was a decent fielder whose job wasn't to hit - they had reggie and rudi and sal bando for that. in fact, he was a career .240 hitter with a .303 obp and a .347 slugging percentage. so it makes sense that he is shown here in the field, turning a double play, on his 1974 topps card.
the year before, dick appeared on what is perhaps my favorite double play card ever. the 1973 topps world series game 2 card.
this card features two hall of famers and two non-descript role players i guess you might say. johnny bench has slid into second and taken out dick green, but not before green was able to get the relay off to mike epstein at first. tony perez is legging it out, trying to beat the throw. and he did. still, a great effort by dick green. and by the person in the stands who took the picture.
unfortunately for dick, though, this is his 1973 topps card.all alone at second base, exhaling, dropping the throw. e-4.
thanks, topps.


night owl said...

I've never seen those 1973 Topps World Series cards before. That is a very cool photo, that you could only see in the early '70s action cards.

Johngy said...

The '73 is a great attempt at a great shot. Couldn't the photog take another photo on another groundball?