03 April 2010

doug mientkiewicz through the mail success!

you knew i would have to follow up a billy grabarkewitz post with a similar one featuring the similarly last name addled doug mientkiewicz, didn't you?  i already featured one of the cards i received (a 2005 donruss champions (twins) card) in this post.  here are the others that i recently received back in the mail, signed by the nomadic first baseman:

2005 donruss champions (red sox)
2005 donruss champions (mets)
2007 topps allen & ginter
the donruss champion cards aren't short prints or variations - dougie just got three cards in the set.  i think his only dodger card, and may be his only dodger card, is a 2010 upper deck card.  garret anderson beat him out this spring, and so mientkiewicz is currently weighing his options.  i hope he gets picked up by someone or sticks with the dodgers in some capacity so i can try to get that upper deck card signed along with a 2004 topps which showcases the metrodome.

anyway, at one point minky was my favorite twin.  the guy hit the game winning home run for the 2000 usa olympic gold medal team, had a fantastic glove, and was fun to watch.  he had a couple of bad moments, including going public with his dislike of tom kelly and his demotion when justin morneau was called up, but he was still such a fan favorite after his trade to boston that his shirts remained full price at the metrodome concession stands.  i was impressed.

since leaving the twins, he's had a series of 'one and done' seasons with the red sox (2004 world series champion, thank you very much), the mets, the royals, the yankees, the pirates, and the dodgers.  his 2009 season was largely lost due to a shoulder injury he suffered in april after hitting a 2-run pinch hit double against the giants.

thanks doug!

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Motherscratcher said...

For some reason I often confuse Mientkiewicz with AJ Pierzinski. This is unfortunate because I hear AJ is a total jerkwad. I don't know why I do this.

Good looking out on the Joe Collector break. I have been indisposed for a few days and didn't know things had opened up. Did you see how that Scott guy tried to swoop in on our action?