27 April 2010

passing the torch

if you were collecting in 1986, you remember all the clamor about this, tony perez's 1986 topps card.
with eric davis greeting him at home plate, there was a lot of discussion about the card's symbolic 'passing of the torch' in cincinnati. never mind that tony perez had been gone for 7 years and was only a part-time player in 1985, that he was still a part-time player in 1986, that he and eric davis played different positions, and that pete rose was still there, although playing sparingly.

i get it. it's symbolic. it's one of the things that's great about baseball, especially before the advent of full throttle free agency. out with the old, in with the new.  the kid replaces the veteran, and the name on the front of the jersey remains the same.

still, i much prefer this card as a 'passing of the torch' - it's steve garvey's 1973 topps card.
wes parker, who was still the dodgers' regular first baseman in 1972, greeting the dodgers' future first baseman at home plate. parker's not even a lurker here - he dominates the card! parker retired after the 1972 season and garvey became his permanent replacement in june of the 1973 season. parker was a career dodger, and garvey turned out to be the dodgers' poster boy during his long tenure. 

so where's the symbolic passing of the torch 1983 greg brock card, topps?

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