08 April 2010

the first of the 2010 goose joak dodger originals

i am looking forward to helping with the goose joak set again this year.  i think i will approach it a little differently, though.  i'm not concerned about the 40-man roster this year, but i will try to get every player who appears in the majors for the dodgers on a card.  i am also going to use only 2010 photos.  with all that said, here are the first two dodgers i have created - manny ramirez
and opening day starter, vincente padilla
i prefer the logo inset as opposed to a smaller photo, so that's the way i'll do it all year.  both photos are from the dodgers' opening day loss in pittsburgh and are getty images.

i also saw a cool photo (also a getty image) from opening day of mark reynolds of the diamondbacks, and had to make a card out of it
i will also be making some twins cards (with my own photos, hopefully).  should be fun.

while i'm here, i'll post the last two 2009 goose joak originals i had made from last year.  both are variants from the original versions i made for andre ethier
and james loney
i'll get the 2010 cards posted to dave's site as soon as i can figure out the flickr stuff.

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Royals Scorecards said...

The photo on that Mark Reynolds card is pretty awesome. Loving the Goose Joak cards this year.