11 April 2010

twins home opener tomorrow - it looks like snow...

...won't be a factor.  there might be some rain later in the afternoon, though.  with all of the worry over not having a retractable roof, the weather this year has been really incredible.  there was no march snow for the first time in recorded weather history, and it looks extremely doubtful that there will be any spring snow events this year to give the naysayers a chance to say 'i told you so'.

it also means, however, that we will lose the opportunity to see snow featured on a baseball card, as it was on this 1994 upper deck ricky bottalico card - front
and back
although, it could get tricky come october (or november, should the twins be so lucky).  let's wait and see.

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Royals Scorecards said...

I'm really, really, hoping to get up to Minneapolis to see the new ballpark, I just hope its during the summer and NOT while snowing.