03 April 2010

billy grabarkewitz through the mail success!

billy grabarkewitz was kind and awesome enough to sign and return my beat up 1970 topps
and 1971 topps
doubles last year.  i love that he signs cards as 'billy g'.  i suppose i might do that too if grabarkewitz were my last name.  grabarkewitz was the dodgers' regular third baseman in 1970, his second year in the majors.  it was far and away his best season, too.  he led the team with 17 home runs, an ops of .852, and 92 runs scored (tied with willie davis).  he was named to the all star team and played in the game, relieving third base starter tony perez in the 7th inning with the national league up 1-0.  the game wound up going extra innings, and with two outs in the bottom of the 12th, grabarkewitz singled off of clyde wright to move pete rose to second.  jim hickman followed with a single and rose destroyed ray fosse at home giving the nl the win.

it's hard to tell who's lurking in the background of his 1970 card, but on the 1971 card, that's jerry stephenson (number 45).  not sure who the seated dogdger is though. 

grabarkewitz's playing time was impacted by the arrival of dick allen in 1971 and the emergence of the 1968 draft picks (garvey and cey in particular) in 1972, and he was sent to the angels in the frank robinson/andy messersmith deal.

thanks billy!


Unknown said...

I just discovered your blog and love it! I grew up in LA as an obsessed Dodger fan. When I became a fan in 1970 Billy G. was leading the league in hitting. I was an instant fan even though, at 10 years old, I couldn't pronounce the name. I still have his 1970 card on my desk at home. And I have a 5x7 post card signed with his full name - guess it couldn't fit on a baseball card! He is one of my favorite players to this day. Thanks Billy G. wherever you are!

Then my obsession became Garvey/Lopes/Russell and Cey. Especially Ron Cey, the penguin. Those were great teams!

As for baseball cards, I've been a collector for years but haven't been active for a while. I think I need about 40 cards to complete the entire 1070's Topps - all in 1970 or 71. I need to get going on completing the sets!

Thanks for your blog. It makes a lifelong Dodgers fan recall thousands of good memories.

Oh and I saw your custom 1978 Vin Scully card - classic! And a great job of making it look authentic.

Unknown said...

I just came across your blog and it brought back incredible memories. I grew up in LA addicted to the Dodgers. I became a fan in 1970 at the age of 10. In early 1970, Billy Grabarkewitz was leading the league in batting average and I became an instant fan. He is still one of my favorite players and I have his 1970 Topps card on my desk at home. I also have a signed 5x7 post card with his full name. I guess it couldn't fit on a baseball card! Thank you Billy G. wherever you are!

Later I became obsessed with the Garvey, Lopes, Russell,Cey infield, especially Ron Cey, the penguin. I tended to run like him but had none of his baseball talent.

Also, I saw you're custom Vin Scully 1978 Topps card - very well done! If you ever want to get rid of it (which I highly doubt) give me a shout. Vin is back for year 64 in 2013 - can you believe it?

gcrl said...

Bradley - thanks for the comments. Glad we are able to share our memories.