23 April 2010

ted power through the mail success!

former dodger prospect and reds/pirates/indians/royals/tigers/mariners pitcher ted power was kind enough to sign and return 3 cards to me.

first up is his 1982 fleer card
it's kind of a mug shot photo, but it's the only major manufacturer card i have of power in a dodger uni.  power pitched for the dodgers in 1981 and 82 before he was traded to the reds for mike ramsey.  no, not that mike ramsey, the other one.  in his dodger debut, power relieved against the giants, giving up no runs in two innings and striking out 3, including jack clark.  maybe we should have kept power around for the 1985 nlcs...

he also signed his 1991 upper deck card
which happens to feature a dodger stadium background.  power appeared in the postseason for the only time in his career with the bucs in 1990 (he was left off of the dodgers' postseason roster in 1981), and he made the most of it against one of his former team.  he saved game 1, finished game 4 and started game 6 in a losing effort against cincinnati.

speaking of the reds, power also signed his 1992 upper deck card featuring him as a red once more,
and showcasing another dodger stadium background.  power rejoined the reds for the 1991 season (another case of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em').  power is currently a minor league coach in the reds' organization.

thanks ted!

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