09 April 2010

gary weiss through the mail success!

posting about the cards i received from the pursuit of 80s-ness reminded me that i needed to showcase the 1981 fleer gary weiss card that i got signed last year by mr. weiss himself.
weiss is one of the more obscure la dodgers (for me, anyway) and i am glad that fleer included him in their set.  when the card was issued, weiss had all of 8 major league appearances to his name.  no at bats.  2 runs scored.  that's it.  he hadn't even used his glove in the big leagues yet.  but fleer gave him a card (they also gave a card to bobby mitchell, but at least he had started a game and had 4 plate appearances in 1980) and i am happier for it.

weiss' major league career ended after the 1981 season.  he collected both of his career hits in the same game that year, a september 20th loss to mario soto and the reds.  his lone career rbi (a game winning rbi, no less) came three days earlier against the braves on a sacrifice fly that scored steve garvey.

not sure what gary weiss has been doing since, but i am thinking it probably doesn't compare to what he experienced for a short time in the early 80's, and i am thankful that he took the time to sign and return my card.  thanks gary! 

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TB said...

Do you - or does anyone - know why Gary Weiss abruptly retired after 1981? He had terrific numbers in the minors for a middle infielders of that era... nice average, little bit of power, RBIs, SBs, and walks. I have always wondered if he was injured or chose to walk away. Thanks to anyone who knows.