22 April 2010

1981 topps plays nostradamus

oh, if only i were wise enough to have decoded the prediction that topps had lay before me back in 1981.  it would have saved me a lot of worry.

look at steve rogers' card.  i mean really look at it.  study it.
he's not playing, he's posing.  he's in his home whites, foretelling that the event would happen in montreal.  he's staring into the distance, perhaps to the future as if his season were done.  it is getting dark, again indicating the end of the season.  he wears a forced smile, hinting at the pain that lies underneath. 

and what about rick monday's card?
monday is in full swing follow through.  he is wearing the away jersey.  the sun is shining and he is leaning slightly forward as if indicating the best is yet to come.

but wait, there's more.  here's the back of steve rogers' card
the cartoons both show us how steve spends his leisure time!  hinting that he would be enjoying the offseason.  we also see that rogers had not relieved in a game since 1978, and that he had only 2 relief appearances in his entire career.  note that rogers' card is number 725 in the set.  the penultimate card in the set.

look who was at 726.
the last man standing.

well done topps.  who's gonna be card 660 this year?


Doc said...

I hope #660 is a Padre!

Interesting numbers on both their cards. When was the last time you saw someone get 37 decisions in 38 games started? Rogers was 15 and 22 back in 1974 on 38 starts. Awesome.

And Rick Monday with 32 dingers in 1976!?!? He must have been on PEDs, or the wind was blowing mightily at Wrigley Field (20 of the 32 were at Wrigley).

Captain Canuck said...

do you have to keep bringing this up?
is that all dodger fans have to talk about?
that game damn near stopped this 10 year old fan from watching baseball.