04 April 2010

happy easter!

appropriate today (in a manner of speaking) to post a card of a happy luke easter, his 1951 topps redback card, in fact.
this is a 'card i used to own' which went the way of trade or ebay a while back, i don't recall which.  i was very much in a 'dodgers only' state of mind and so rid myself of one of my oldest cards.  i'm sure whoever owns it now appreciates it more than i did.

in a similar vein, i was thinking about a larger post about cards i used to own, even to go so far as to host a bat around (remember those?) on the topic.  anybody have any thoughts in that regard?  good, bad, indifferent or otherwise?


Dodgerbobble said...

Happy Easter.

I like that idea. We all can name a couple of cards we wish we still owned.

night owl said...

That's a great topic for a "bat-around."