16 April 2010

cards here...and here from sign here...and here

i recently completed a trade with peterson over at sign here...and here.  i am very pleased with the great cards he sent my way.  here are just a few:

2004 topps chrome robin ventura black refractor
this card (the topps flagship version) is in my header image.  it's a great card even before it gets all black, chromey and refractorish.  jeromy burnitz lurking and a semi-favorite non-dodger as a dodger robin ventura sliding in.  awesome card.

2006 topps allen & ginter mini danys baez
yes, danys baez was a dodger.  ned had a fascination with devil rays for a while, and he sent edwin jackson, dioner navarro, and my former baseball salvation joel guzman out east for baez, lance carter and not much else.  baez was later traded to the braves for wilson betemit, who was traded a year after that for scott proctor, who they had traded to the yankees to get robin ventura.  the circle of life...

2003 bowman koyie hill auto
hill was with the dodgers for just 3 games in 2003 before being traded to the diamondbacks for steve finley late in the 2004 season.

2007 bowman chris parmelee auto
parmelee is one of the twinkies top offensive prospects.  not sure where he's going to play if they keep their core together - maybe dh?

non-red sox nomah!  a double play turn on his 2005 leaf card
with shawn green sliding in! 

2009 upper deck vladimir guerrero 20th anniversary thingy
vlad was skinny back then.  i think wilton might have been bigger!

thanks chris!  it was a great lot of cards and fun to go through!

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