06 April 2010

do you see what i see?

meanwhile, in one of my dodger binders (not 'at the hall of justice' although if that's what you were thinking i am totally with you),
'hey johnny - do you see what i see?'
'i sure do, carl.  there's the nefarious 9 (gcrl's most wanted cards) right there in the sidebar, just like he said it would be.  hey tommy, what are you looking at?'
'i just realized that all that dead space on the left is gone now.  much better.  must be trying to keep up with the night owl'.

[right on all counts, guys]


Doc said...

How did you get rid of all the dead space?

Much obliged!

Royals Scorecards said...

I'm just LOVING that pink background on the Erskine card! :)

Royals Scorecards said...

One other note, I looked at your source HTML and copied how you got rid of the white space on the left, hope you dont mind. I was just thinking about doing that yesterday, and here you did it for me. Thanks! Drop me an email Doc, and I'll let you know how I did it, don't wanna clog up the comment section here. :)