24 April 2010

more 2010 goose joak originals

here's a few more goose joak originals for your enjoyment.  or maybe just mine. all of the photos are from getty images.

dodger stadium
the vertical orientation of the design this year wouldn't normally lend itself to a stadium shot, but i saw this one and it works pretty well.  every year around this time i get homesick, and this is a big reason why.  what a great stadium.

ronnie belliard
belliard has been great this year so far in his super-sub role.  at the plate, anyway - he's hitting over .400 thanks in large part to his two three-hit games, including that monster game against the pirates where he was a single short of the cycle.  in the field he's committed 3 errors already in limited action.  yikes.

chad billingsley
bills is an enigma.  the natives are getting restless and feel that he needs to sort things out quickly.  there's a lot expected from him, and so far this year we're not even getting the good first half.

casey blake
no beard this year.  he's been fairly solid, but is tied with belliard and russell martin for the team lead in errors and has only scored 4 runs so far.

jonathan broxton
there haven't been too many save situations so far for brox (thanks george).  in fact, he has just 1 save in 6 appearances.  he's striking guys out, though, with 9 in just under 6 innings.

jamey carroll
this signing surprised me because of the fact that we already had ronnie belliard and blake dewitt on the roster, along with chin lung hu.  no offense, but i think hu should be here instead.

blake dewitt
i was happy to see dewitt get the starting job at second.  with a .426 obp, he's doing what he needs to do, although all those times on base have only translated to 5 runs so far.  maybe a fair number of his walks have been intentional to get to the pitcher's spot, i'm not sure.

speaking of pitchers (sort of), here's russ ortiz
he's no longer a dodger.  which is probably a good thing.  he appeared in 6 games and gave up 8 earned runs in 7 innings.  i am guessing ned owed him something from their time in san francisco.

i have a few more cards lined up but i'll share them another time, although i think you can see them all by going to dave's site.

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Dodgerbobble said...

I love these.

Except Russ. I don't ever want to see him in a Dodger uni again.