28 February 2015

cards that made the writer's journey

i received a surprise envelope from jt at the writer's journey recently.  it made sense that two of the cards in the envelope were of eric the red - a 1993 topps card
and a 1993 upper deck card.  that particular card is one of my favorites, thanks to the great shot from dodger stadium that adorns the front, but i'll show the back since it is reminiscent of the topps card above
both feature davis in the pullover warmup with the sleeves turned up for maximum tattoo display.  plus, personalized wristbands!

here's a card from a simpler time that also made the trip - a 1983 donruss mike scioscia
the most interesting item sent was this rafael furcal postcard
the back indicates that it was printed in support of the dodgers dream foundation (now simply known as the los angeles dodgers foundation).  jt said he received it in a fan pack a few years ago (all i received in my most recent dodger fan pack was a mini pennant), so i'm calling it a circa 2010 dodgers dream foundation postcard.

all of the cards were found folded inside this page from a 2015 hall of fame calendar
that's some pretty good stuff to find in an unexpected envelope.  thanks jt!

27 February 2015

the day's third post of turning two

just a few more double play cards to show off, including a couple of nefarious 9 cards.  of course, i am still looking for a second copy of this 2014 topps update justin turner camo parallel
for the double play binder, but i've taken the card off of the most wanted list.

here's a 1994 donruss barry larkin card
along with the special edition parallel
how about a 1994 topps stadium club kevin stocker card?
it comes with a nice leg whip courtesy of some nefarious padre player.

here's a 2002 fleer box score mike moriarty card
second base shows up just to the left of his right foot. since he was primarily a shortstop, i am choosing to believe that he swiped the bag with his foot and is setting up for the throw to first to complete the dp.  

this one is more obvious - 2011 topps chrome elvis andrus
here's the other former nefarious 9 card - 2014 topps alex guerrero target red parallel
i can't wait for some 2015 dodger double play cards!

since you've made it through these fairly mindless double play posts today, i'll let you know that i'm heading to the local card show tomorrow.  need anything?

turning two in front of signs

here's former twin denny hocking turning two on his 1995 upper deck electric diamond parallel card
two things strike me on this card, aside from the pivot at second base.  first, that's the big hurt sliding in, and second, there is an ad for a florida (either fort myers or sarasota) liquor store on the outfield fence in the background.

likewise, there is a big ol' hot dog in the background of roberto alomar's 1997 upper deck collector's choice orioles team set card
that distracts from the play at hand.

the outfield wall at the oakland coliseum shows up on homer bush's 1998 pacific online card
the red ball and blue 's' is part of the sports channel ad in right-center.

nothing much to see in the background of this 2003 topps orlando cabrera card
so let's move on to michael young's 2005 upper deck first pitch card
sean casey is sliding in hard to break up the turn, which is nice to see.  the ad on the wall in the background here is for a wyler car dealership somewhere in the greater ohio area.

this 2008 upper deck brendan harris card
runs on dunkin'.

not sure who let this edgar renteria card, also from 2008 upper deck,
in this post with nothing but green growing things in the background.

here's a 2009 topps stephen drew card two ways - base
and gold parallel
with a scoreboard in the background

at least on troy tulowitzki's 2011 topps card
we have a partial ad (although not a static sign) to go along with a partial scoreboard.

i'm not sure if that's an ad or a partial logo on the wall behind sean coyle on his 2011 topps heritage minors card
but i am pretty sure it's a replica of the green monster that the thing is hanging on.  i believe most of the red sox minor league affiliates play in stadiums that replicate the fenway park experience.

meanwhile, though he's not in fenway, here's dustin pedroia turning two on his 2014 topps stadium club card
sportscenter may be up next, but i prefer mlb tonight on the mlb network.

a mish-mash of double play turns

i've allowed a number of new to the blog/collection double play turns to accumulate in my scanned folder, so today will be all about the pivot.

1984 topps traded tony bernazard
now granted this image is pre-pivot, but i consider second basemen waiting for the throw while standing at the base to be a double play turn. i remember waiting for these throws and wondering if i had enough time to turn and throw and not get bowled over.

1995 topps bret boone

1992 topps stadium club manny lee
sorry - he goes by manuel here.  this is where i am thankful for others who collect double play cards, particularly jeff at 2x3 heroes and nick at dime boxes.  they will show off dp cards that they receive in the mail, and then i go and dig in my collection to see if i have those cards.  such was the case with this manuel lee card.  one of them showed it, and i didn't have it, so i went and bought it on sportlots for 18 cents.  this particular card shows a play from the first inning of a game played on june 30, 1991. harold reynolds has grounded to the first baseman (john olerud), who threw to second to force the lead runner (edgar martinez).  manuel lee is preparing for the relay throw, but reynolds is safe at first. thanks baseball-reference!

1982 o-pee-chee tim foli
not only was foli traded from the pirates to the angels (creating a team and text variation), but he's about to throw to first to complete a spring training double play.  i doubt that he's on the second base side of the bag for any other reason, so this is a double play turn.  now i just need another copy of his 1982 topps card for the dp binder.

1992 leaf mariano duncan
and 1992 leaf mariano duncan black gold
plus the back of another 1992 leaf card, that of terry shumpert
the photo on the shumpert back is very similar to the back of his 1992 fleer card.

my double play collection sometimes runs on duncan - here's his 1995 topps stadium club card
plus jody reed's card from the same set
nice junior griffey cameo, too.  i had previously shown a 1st day issue parallel of the reed card, but not the plain ol' base.

here's another couple of cards that have sort of been shown before - 1997 topps stadium club carlos garcia
i previously showed the members only parallel, which is really only different on the back due to some watermark text, and 1995 score rafael belliard
of which i have previously shown the gold rush parallel version.

last card of this post is brent gates' 1996 score card
thanks again to nick for showing this one on his blog. i couldn't believe that there was a brent gates double play card that i was missing.

26 February 2015

these are my 'type' of cards

abstract expressionism.

(lyrics by vernon reid).  

i used to listen to some living colour. i saw them in concert a couple of times, including once when they opened for the rolling stones on the 'steel wheels' tour. that was in la at the coliseum along with guns n' roses, who were an la only add on the tour.  good times, but i digress.

i was recently motivated to pick up the dodgers from the 1996 topps gallery set, plus one white sox card.  these 1996 topps gallery cards cover many different types of artistry.  while i avoided taking art history in college, i do enjoy a good museum and i have some pretty clear preferences when it comes to paintings and specific artists.

on to the cards.  here's mike piazza
he's a master.  the card is a sort of precursor to the upper deck masterpieces sets, except that only the background on this card has the canvas look to it.

eric karros
and ramon martinez
represent 'the classics', while hideo nomo
and a double play turning ray durham
are 'new editions'.  i don't know what that means.  to me, 'the classics' refers to roman and greek art, primarily sculpture.  maybe a marble bust of eric karros and his fabio-hair would have been appropriate.

roger cedeno
and karim garcia
are 'the futurists'.  futurism was big in italy about 100 years ago.

raul mondesi
and ismael valdes
represent 'the modernists'.  this looks like cubism to me, and i like it. i enjoy works by paul klee, mark rothko (more abstract expressionism), and the like.

too bad there weren't any cards using the pointillism technique, but then again, aren't these cards just a bunch of little dots on cardboard?

25 February 2015

i ran into the fuzz at the card shop

a new (yes, new!) card shop opened up in the twin cities about a year ago.  one of the owners is also one of the 'vintage bargain bin guys' from the local shows.  he's the one that sold me my 1955 topps sandy koufax card, in fact.

it took me a while to get over there, but i finally did a few weeks ago.  the store is packed with not just cards, but various pieces of memorabilia and pretty much every kind of sports collectible you could think of.  amid the bobbleheads and pennants, there was a shelf that had a bunch of smaller complete sets on it. boxed sets, like the fleer sets of the 80's and 90's, along with some mail-in sets and some stadium giveaway sets.  it was there that i found a 1993 dodgers police set for $3.

started in 1980, the police sets were, like the later mother's and keebler sets, a good way to get some of the deeper roster players on a card.  and, there were coaches!  i know i have belabored that point recently, but i'm not sorry about it.  here's the coaches card from the 1993 dodger police set
that's manny mota, joey amalfitano, ron roenicke, ben hines, tommy lasorda, ron perranoski, joe ferguson, and mark cresse.

lasorda also got a card of his own
with the one of the outfield pavilions in the background.

ramon martinez was still king of the hill at dodger stadium in 1993
and his little brother pedro was there with him
boyhood friends eric davis
and darryl strawberry
roamed the outfield at chavez ravine, with disappointing results.

the 1993 set was the one that featured lance parrish, despite the fact that he never did suit up in a big league game for the dodgers.  i've shown the front of parrish's card before - i bought it as a single to document his dodgerdom - so here's the back
one reason that parrish never got the call from the dodger brass was the play of a rookie catcher named mike piazza
piazza went on to win the rookie of the year award and hold the dodgers' catching job for about 5 years before he was traded to the marlins.

i'm not sure which card in the set is more desirable - the pedro or the piazza - but i am sure that jody reed's card
is probably not in the running.