21 April 2015

where in the world is my wallet card? - it wasn't at mardi gras...

the junior junkie has had his wallet card on display recently, enjoying the revelry that is to be had in new orleans, while my wallet card was in my wallet.  so, i let my 1974 topps steve garvey card hang out amongst the bounty that tj sent my way recently as part of his monster mailday.
a bit of vicarious living, if you will.
there were some beads, two blocks of cards and a couple of msa discs in the package. here are some of the non-dodger highlights.

double plays!

1992 classic best robert eenhoorn
this card is fantastic. a minor league dp, from a guy named eenhoorn, and with a expo minor leaguer who is wearing a generic expos jersey with the team's name instead of his own on the back.

also from 1992 classic best, here is jose olmeda
and a guy named carey sliding in.

1992 donruss mickey morandini
yes, tj sent me a card from the 1992 donruss set and i am glad for it!

1994 topps stadium club rey sanchez
1998 upper deck alex gonzalez
this card features a double play turn on the front…
and the back!

1999 pacific damion easley
not as nice as his 1996 pacific card

2004 upper deck bj upton
you know you play in a crappy stadium when the area upper deck chooses to highlight is the sign for the party area.

2008 upper deck first edition wilson betemit
hard to believe that betemit was at one time a dodger.  speaking of dodgers, there were a few of those int he package, too.  i'll show some of them later to prove it.

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The Junior Junkie said...

Woo-hoo! Yeah, I didn't want it to be all DP's, but I'm pretty sure it still was. Probably even had some duplicate DP's, which I guess should be called DDP's.