23 April 2015

another sheet from the steve garvey binders

there is only one 'regular' card from a major card manufacturer on sheet 22 in the steve garvey binder.  have a look:
those cards are:

1. 1986 topps stickers (foil)
2. 1986 topps tiffany
3. 1986 true value
4. 1987 boardwalk and baseball
5. 1987 bohemian hearth padres
6. 1987 burger king
7. 1987 classic
8. 1987 donruss
9. 1987 donruss opening day

lots of oddball goodness there.  the bohemian hearth card is the star of the sheet, but even the two non-licensed cards have a certain amount of charm.  the boardwalk and baseball card comes from a 'top run maker' box set produced by topps.  i believe there are variations out there that lack the '/' in the 'b/b' part of the card.  finally, the 1987 classic card features two old guys - garvey, who was 38 in 1987, and an unnamed atlanta braves coach wearing number 42.

here are the backs:
the back of the classic card features some trivia questions, which makes sense since there was some sort of game associated with these cards as i recall.

there are only a couple more pages of cards from the garv's playing career, and then we get to the superfluous but pretty cool stuff.

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Stealing Home said...

If I live to be 100, I'll never get used to seeing Garvey in a Padres uni.