20 April 2015

gold rushed

scrolling through my scanned folder, i noticed a few cards begging for attention.  the first two were from the 2012 topps gold rush wrapper redemption set - clayton kershaw
and andre ethier
i believe that this set has been replaced in the last couple of years by the spring fever cards, although this year those cards are not obtained via wrapper redemptions but are instead distributed by card shops based on a minimum purchase.

back in the 1990's, there was another type of gold rush in card sets. topps had their popular gold parallel set, so score countered with a parallel insert set of their own - gold rush.  here's a 1994 score mike sharperson gold rush card
that features a double play turn.

also turning two on a 1994 score gold rush parallel is mike benjamin
for reference, this is what the base cards look like
score was at it again in 1995, and here is old friend juan samuel's gold rush parallel
and his base
both cards feature the rare double play turn by a player listed as an outfielder.

dodger time - here's mike piazza's 1995 score gold rush parallel
plus a couple of delino deshields gold rush cards - 1994 score rookies & traded
and 1995 score hall of gold insert.
that last one is not a gold rush parallel of another insert, but it is another double play turn for the dp collection.

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