15 April 2015

thank you jackie robinson

today marks the 68th anniversary of jackie robinson's big league debut.  it was a famous feat, to be sure, and so was included in the 1980 laughlin famous feats set
i had hoped to have the complete jackie robinson story insert set from 2015 topps by now, but, as you can see by my nefarious 9 list, i still need three (can you help a blogger out?).  in lieu of those cards, the back of this 1989 sportflics 'the unforgetables' (sic) card tells the tale pretty well.
with a double play mention!

and here is his 2005 upper deck hall of fame card
which brings us to the ultimate end as far as a baseball career goes - enshrinement into the hall of fame.

what a man jackie robinson must have been.

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