03 April 2015

well, that didn't last long

when 2015 topps series one was released, i expressed my happiness over the fact that 'series one' was added to the backs of cards. even if it only showed up on the base cards and not the inserts, it was a step in the right direction as far as being able to identify which set a certain card came from.  upper deck had done this for at least three years, and i am very thankful for it.

well, when i opened a pack of 2015 topps opening day, i was disappointed.  here's the back of adrian gonzalez's card from that set.
there is no mention of the set anywhere on the back.  granted, the front of the card
features the opening day logo, but i still lobby for set information on the backs.

here are some other 2015 cards that i've procured through a few pack purchases.

2015 donruss yasiel puig
these are not attractive cards, but flipping the inserts covered the cost of my jumbo pack, and so i got this puig for free.  i do not know what panini is obscuring by pasting into the picture a different group of fans above the brick wall, but i'm guessing it had something to do with logos.

how about some heritage? yes, i bought another 35-card box of 2015 topps heritage recently, and was rewarded with my first howie kendrick as a dodger card
plus the clayton kershaw/adam wainwright nl aces card
and a yimi garcia card
this is not the format for multi-team rookie cards in the 1966 set, by the way.

here's another rookie card from 2015 topps heritage that i picked up on sportlots.
it features the dodgers' centerfielder, joc pederson.

i've also gone and picked up a fair number of the dodger cards from the aforementioned 2015 topps series one set, including mr. pederson
and mr. garcia
who were given cards all to themselves by topps in this set.

here's andre ethier
who looks to be the odd man out in the outfield again this year.

here are yasiel puig on his base card
and his archetypes insert
lots of running photos for puig.

i assume topps is running out of photos to use of sandy koufax because they paired fernando valenzuela with kershaw on this inspired play insert
here's one of kershaw's league leader cards
and here's his base card
i picked up a few gold parallels on sportlots, including kershaw's
and hyun-jin ryu's (but first his base card)
ditto for carl crawford
and matt kemp
although i also picked up kemp's toys r us purple parallel
i thought about doing a rainbow of kemp's last dodger card, but i've sort of lost interest.

here's a-gon's gold parallel
which we know is from series one because it says so on the back.

i'll have to remember a few years from now that these first pitch inserts of suzy
and jeff bridges
are also from series one and not opening day (which has featured presidential first pitch inserts in the past) because topps apparently doesn't think consistently putting set information on the back is worthwhile.  maybe next year?

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P-town Tom said...

Why didn't Topps put Yimi Garcia an Joc Pederson on the same Rookies card? That would have made team collectors much happier I believe. Am I missing something there?