28 April 2015

where in the world is my wallet card? - local card shop edition

i paid a visit to the newest local card shop in the twin cities recently, and obviously, wallet card was along for the ride.  we got there a bit early...
the shop has been open for a little over a year now, and it's owners are a couple of regulars at the monthly card shows.  
once i got inside on this particular day, i was drawn to some of the bargain vintage - fifty cents a pop - and picked up a 1954 bowman fred baczewski card
i am not collecting this set, nor am i a reds collector, but the lack of the facsimile autograph, coupled with the mention of mickey mantle on the back of a card from 1954
was enough to get me to bite.

there were some 1956 topps cards for only slightly more, and i picked up a couple for the double play binder - tommy carroll
and pete runnels
funny that pete is enough of a nickname that it needed to be in quotation marks.

back to the cheap vintage, here's a 1955 bowman bob talbot
because i couldn't leave it there for fifty cents.

this is not a 1955 bowman card
but rather a 2001 bowman rookie reprint of don zimmer.  yes, there were modern singles to be had at the shop, too.

oddball stuff was in strong supply as well, as i picked up a few cards from the 1977-84 renata gallaso releases.  this particular card is from the 1983 set featuring the 1933 all-stars (the very first all-stars).  it's the national league team card
and it features a couple of dodgers - coach max carey and tony cuccinello.  here's the back
with connie mack and john mcgraw 'choosing sides'.

there was also a box of autographed cards going for fifty cents apiece, and i couldn't leave this 2006 grandstand st. lucie mets card of their trainer behind
although i won't be keeping it.

i will hold on to this 2003 grandstand vero beach dodgers card of willie aybar, though.
this wasn't all that i came away with from the shop - some of you will benefit from the haul by way of trade packages.  as for the shop itself, there's lots of good stuff there, and if you visit the twin cities i encourage you to check it out!


Brian said...

I like that Baczewski works in the U.S. Customs office in Saint Paul. Might have to add Baczewski to my player collection - since he's another Saint Paul native...

Captain Canuck said...

*sigh* I never fail to become jealous at the tales of bargains to be found at a local card shop.

Those .50 50's would have been minimum $10-$12 each around here.

night owl said...

I went to a card shop last weekend. It was nothing like that. The sad details tonight.