07 April 2015

kempin' it real

i think it was fitting that matt kemp played his first game as a padre at dodger stadium. i don't know what sort of reception he received yesterday, but i hope it was a good one. he was deserving of that respect from the dodger faithful.  i do know that kemp drove in the friars' only three runs, and that's about where the adulation from the dodger fans in attendance should have ended.  i, on the other hand, can't quit picking up cards of his.  dodger cards only, of course.

this is a 2012 topps museum collection jumbo lumber relic card, numbered to 20
and this is a walmart blue parallel league leader card from 2012 topps
kemp is currently on pace to eclipse the 126 runs he drove in during the 2011 season by quite a lot.

this is a 2011 topps chrome vintage chrome insert
i haven't seen any cards yet (i think donruss has the only ones) of kemp as a padre, but i am pretty sure that even when i do, there will still only be one padre that i collect.  and even then, i'm hoping that this 2014 panini classics steve garvey auto
will be the last of those cards for a while.

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