20 November 2014

postcards (mostly) from the steve garvey oddball binder

i'm still working my way through the steve garvey oddball binder, although we are getting close to finishing up.  then, it will be on to the card binders.  i've got a few postcard type things lined up for this post, as well as some other, well, oddballs.

this page includes two actual postcards - starting at the top left, there is a 1971 dodgers postcard (sometimes referred to as a 'dexter' postcard), a 1972 jd mccarthy postcard, a 1975 mengler baseball's best 'card', and a 1975 sspc puzzle back
i wrote a little bit about the mengler card here, which is to say i provided a link to a different source.

here are the backs, although they are reversed.  that's the back of the jd mccarthy card in the upper left.  the puzzle back piece is of nolan ryan's torso.
this next sheet is chock full of actual postcards, all issued by the dodgers.  based on what i've been able to find on the internet, i believe they are (starting in the upper left) 1975, 1981, 1977, and 1976 issues.
here are the backs.  again, they are reversed because i just flipped the sheet to scan it, and i didn't rearrange the backs to line up
i've got  a whole mess of other dodger postcards that i should post for posterity.  i'll work on that.

in the meantime, here's another sheet from the binder.  this one includes a 1987 jiffy pop disc, a 1987 m&m's star lineup uncut panel with fernando valenzuela, a 1979 metallic creations card, and a 1979 baseball patches patch of the garv
and the backs
the metallic creations card is sometimes referred to as a 'signature miniature'.

time for one more page.  this one features a really cool 2003 donruss card that was only available when you subscribed to the dodgers' magazine and a manufactured patch/auto card issued by upper deck as part of the 2002 world series heroes set
upper deck identified it as a 'souvenir' patch card, and it was one of the first manufactured patches i remember seeing.  i recall being confused as to why they didn't just use the actual 1981 world series logo, although i did appreciate them recognizing the dodgers as the world champs.  here are the backs, with the authentication of the upper deck card and all the info you could want about the garv courtesy of donruss
in fact, here's a better look at the back of that card
i was so pleased to have found out about this card when it was being offered that i even let my fellow garvey collector/ebay nemesis mrmopar know about it.  it's one of my favorite oddballs for sure.

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