19 November 2014

my 1960 topps sampler set

i haven't addressed my sampler sets for a while - in fact, i stopped with the 1959 set.  the idea here was that i would never complete a full set of any of the topps releases prior to 1970, so why not pick up a card from each team and each subset to create a sampler.  i've since decided to pare down the collection a bit, so i'm pulling the non-dodger cards.

before i do, however, i'm documenting the full sampler for posterity.  here's what i had for the 1960 set.
full disclosure: i used to have a 1960 topps al kaline card in here, but i used that as part of my entry into the traveling box put together by bad wax.  i saw the box a couple of times, and i assume that it is now defunct, especially since bad wax's site is no longer maintained.  it would be nice to know for sure, though.

you'll notice that the higher the numbers got, the fewer non-dodgers i picked up.

a couple of other things to note - the subsets in this set were team cards, rookie stars, combo cards, mangers, topps all-star rookies, world series recap, coaches, and all-star cards.  also, the manager cards are there to remind us that the 1960 set is not a completely horizontal set.

i scanned the back of one of the pages, and you can see that my set includes both white and gray backs
once i removed all of the non-dodger cards, this is what the pages looked like
that's what i consider the dodger team set to look like.  i decided to keep all 7 world series cards, including games 5 and 6 that are mostly white sox centric. the game 5 card features maury wills, so that was a no-brainer, and it seemed odd to only leave out one card from the subset.  on that second to last page, it's easy to see that it is pitching coach joe becker getting doused with booze on the celebratory card thanks to the coaches card being close by.

i'm not sure if i will bother to scan and display my samplers from 1961-1969.  they are larger in general due to the expansion of the leagues.  maybe i'll just show some selected cards from different teams and the different subsets instead.  stay tuned.

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