08 November 2014

a pwe to please me

so, jeff at 2x3 heroes and i are playing hot potato with the pwe's these days (there's one in the mail for you today, jeff).  here are some (yes, jeff fit more than just these cards in a pwe) of the cards that i received in his last missive.

1996 upper deck hideo nomo vj lovero showcase insert
that's a rarely used viewpoint that never gets old.  plus, it qualifies as a 'tatooine' card.  more of those a bit later.

here's a 1986 o-pee-chee card of steve garvey
and a 1987 topps boardwalk and baseball card of the garv as well
those cards make up two-thirds of the pwe's garvey content.  the b/b card is from a boxed set featuring 'top run makers' and was all about each players' "runs produced average" which was just (runs scored + rbi)/games played.  real scientific sabermetric stuff back in 1987.

this is a 1995 fleer ultra pedro astacio card
which, when considered from the standpoint of the envelope's contents as a whole, was kind of out of place.

there were other dodgers, but they were from the 2000 fleer greats of the game set, and included this fantastic preacher roe card.
just a beautiful thing.

here's a less interesting card from the same set featuring gil hodges
now back to tatooine cards.  joe randa is looking for droids on his 2003 donruss card
as is morgan ensberg on his 2004 upper deck card
and jason michaels as well, on his 2007 topps card
thanks jeff - you're it!

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YankeesFan1327 said...

If you wanted I could throw together a little surprise package of cards and send them to you. I'm new to blogging and want to be as active as possible: I love it! I would send them in a PWE or bubble mailer. I wouldn't want something back necessarily, but Yankees cards are always good:) oh uh I meant great

I'm guessing your a Dodgers fan.

please shoot me an email at:

Frankie13 (dot) Massa (at) gmail (dot com


Thank you!