22 November 2014

half of the infield showed up in my mailbox

thanks to p-town tom at waiting 'til next year.  he sent a 1975 sspc davey lopes card
and a 1977 rc cola can of the penguin, ron cey
i haven't flattened the can yet like i did with the garvey can that mark hoyle sent a while back, but i plan to.  it's cool that the can mentions double plays.

speaking of half of the infield and double plays, the junior junkie also sent me some cards featuring second basemen and shortstops turning two.  there were quite a few that were new to me.

here's a 1991 leaf felix fermin card
with legs of three different people.

1993 topps stadium club was well represented, with cards of carlos baerga
gary disarcina
rico rossy
and craig shipley
how did i not have those cards already?

1994 upper deck collector's choice luis alicea
1995 score jeff blauser
2001 topps stadium club quilvio veras
2014 topps gypsy queen jedd gyorko
gyorko may have been a bust in 2014 (i added him to my fantasy team thinking he could fill in at third until manny machado returned from the dl but quickly dropped his unperforming arse), but at least he had this card to redeem himself in my eyes.

thanks for the cards (and can) guys.  stuff like that is appreciated.

1 comment:

P-town Tom said...

You're welcome!

I failed to notice the Cey can was #19 out of 100 from series 2. Can you imagine trying to collect all the cans? That's a bunch of soda!