01 November 2014

i've got the sheets

i posted a few items from the steve garvey oddball binder yesterday, including two upper deck heroes of baseball sheets that were sent to my by marcus at all the way to the backstop.  i mentioned that he sent me a couple of other sheets as well.  before we get to those, here are the two that are now safely tucked in the garvey binder.

1993 ud heroes of baseball sheet - 1978 yankees
i wonder if any red sox collectors keep this sheet in their collections.

1992 ud heroes of baseball sheet - heroes of baseball all-star game
sadly, there is just one non-hall of famer on the sheet, and it's garvey.

ok, on to the new stuff.  this next one was not on my radar due to the lack of garvey's presence, but boy am i glad marcus sent it.

1993 ud heroes of baseball sheet - heroes of the '70s featuring ron cey!
giddyup.  the penguin gets a spot on what appears to be a sheet distributed at a mariners' game in '93.  he's from washington state, but i don't see much of a connection with the other players.  i wonder if there was a meet and greet with these guys at the game.  now that i look into these sheets a bit more, i see that madlock appears on a couple of other sheets - one as a pirate and one as a dodger.  interesting.  i also believe that there is one sheet featuring garvey that i have not yet obtained - the 25th anniversary of the padres sheet.  i'll keep my eye out for one.

marcus did send another sheet, although it didn't have any padres on it.  no, it was this 1992 ud heroes of baseball sheet commemorating the dodgers' record setting infield of garvey, cey, russell, and lopes.
this one comes with the bonus of bill russell's autograph!  that is fantastic. assuming the infield reconvenes at hall of fame sports in 2015 (they are all there today, as a matter of fact), i may well send this sheet to get the other three to sign it.

thanks marcus!  i've got a few padres just about ready to head your way.  cards, not sheets.

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TheWarTurlte \ #TAL said...

Like the art work on these sheets and they were limited for there time. There is a site listing all of these at upperdecksheets.net