17 November 2014

the mets' ralph kiner and frank cashen memorial patches

following his retirement as a player, ralph kiner became an announcer, first with the white sox, and then with the expansion new york mets in 1962.  he remained a part of their broadcasting team through 2013, although by that time he was not announcing every game.  following his passing in february of 2014, the team added a memorial patch to their right sleeves for the 2014 season.  

the patch, which included a microphone in between the text "ralph kiner" and "1922-2014" can be seen on david wright's 2014 topps finest card
which is the card i have in my collection for this particular memorial.

later in the season, the mets also lost their former general manager, frank cashen.  cashen had been the architect who put together the mets' teams of the 1980's and hired davey johnson to manage the club.  he was rewarded with a world series title in 1986, although he stepped down after the club slid back down the standings in the early 1990's.

the mets honored cashen with a "fc" patch placed below the kiner memorial, as seen on this 2014 topps update daisuke matsuzaka photo variation short print
i was able to pick this sp up on the cheap, which was nice.  i am guessing that there will be plenty of 2015 cards that show the patch, but i'm happy to have dice-k in the binder representing this one.

i will be on the lookout for daniel murphy cards, just in case they use a photo of him from the 2014 all-star game (like the one from getty images below)
which shows the placement of the patches for the all-star game on the right chest.

both kiner and cashen are members of the mets hall of fame.

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