02 August 2014

2 twentytwos from 2x3 heroes

jeff at 2x3 heroes was at it again recently, sending a pwe my way.  oddly enough, there were a couple of ryan reynolds items.
can't wait for green lantern 2.

actually, those are two clayton kershaw items from 2012 panini triple play.  the top one is a sticker, and the second one is the regular ol' base card.

here's a beardless scott van slyke on his 2008 bowman prospects gold parallel card
at 6'-5", i'm going to guess that he's played some basketball and learned how to spin a helmet along the way.  unfortunately, van slyke is the team's fifth outfielder who also plays first, but adrian gonzalez doesn't really miss any games.  the team's fourth outfielder (or is he back in the top 3?) is carl crawford.  jeff sent this 2014 topps archives card of cc my way
this, of course, reminds me of paul from carl crawford cards, and i hope he's doing well.

jeff also sent me a couple of cards featuring memorial patches.  one of them, a 2014 bowman chris johnson card featuring the sandy hook patch, has been added to that particular post.  the other will be featured in an upcoming post.

thanks jeff!

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JediJeff said...

I loved Kershaw in "2 Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place".