23 August 2014

i would gladly partake of your rhubarb trade bait

living in twins' territory makes it easy for me to find cards that would fit better in the rhubarb runner's collection than in mine.  he keeps a running list of trade bait sorted by team which makes it easy for me to say yes, please.  we completed another trade a while back, and here is some of the former rhubarb runner trade bait.

2004 playoff honors duke snider
i am not putting the set together, but i see this set as one of the best of the 2000's.  there is a good mix of retired players on the checklist, as well as a smattering of sharp black and white cards like the one of the duke.

speaking of black and white, part of what i sent to missouri was a partial set of the 2005 donruss 1965 twins sga release.  i kept one of the cards, this one of former twin rookie sensation jimmie hall
but sent the rest.  it's too bad the dodgers didn't get with donruss to commemorate the team that actually won that 1965 series.  now back to the cards that i received in the trade.

2007 topps '52 delwyn young chrome insert
not to be confused with former twin delmon young.  the dodgers' young had a couple of big seasons in triple-a las vegas in the mid-2000's which made me think that he might be the team's second baseman in the same way that russell martin, matt kemp, and clayton kershaw would become fixtures in the lineup. instead, ned traded him to pittsburgh in 2009, and he is currently playing in an independent league.

2005 playoff prestige pedro martinez changing stripes insert
when pedro enters the hall of fame, he will certainly be wearing a red sox cap, but let us not forget that he began his career as an undrafted free agent signed by the dodgers, and won his first cy young award with the expos.  unfortunately for dodger fans, pedro recorded over 3000 strikeouts after being traded away from the dodgers, which is a pain that the mets (nolan ryan), cardinals (steve carlton), expos (randy johnson), and orioles and astros (curt schilling) all share.

2005 bowman heritage matthew kemp
and 2014 topps matt kemp power players parallel
kind of a 'then and now' thing there.

2014 topps clayton kershaw saber stars insert
as i understand it, fip is kind of a measurement of the three true outcomes from the pitcher's perspective.

2014 topps hyun-jin ryu 1989 die-cut insert
i prefer the 1989 design to some (like 1988) but not too many of topps' other pre-2000 designs.  i wonder why they seem to be so eager to use it.

last but not least, 2014 topps alex guerrero gold parallel
turning two on tatooine.

thanks for the trade!

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Mark Hoyle said...

Always loved the word rhubarb when used in baseball context.